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UMass Amherst
Quantum RF Group

We perform basic research on CMOS and BiCMOS integrated electronics to control and measure quantum devices such as qubits, single photon detectors, and THz mixers. A common theme is that our devices are optimized to work at very low temperatures, often in the range of 4 to 20 degrees above absolute zero. 

Designing for operation at these low temperatures is challenging since many device properties change with cooling and cryogenic models are not provided by the foundries. Accordingly, our first step is usually to generate our own high fidelity models so that we can predict the performance of our cryogenic ICs. These models are extracted using on-wafer measurements taken on our cryogenic probe station. These models also allow us to evaluate performance limitations. To date we have generated cryogenic models for SOI CMOS FETs, SiGe HBTs, and SNSPDs.

Once we have our high fidelity device models, we carry out simulations using standard tools such as AWR Microwave Office, ADS, and Cadence Virtuoso. 

Once designed and fabricated, we characterize our chips over the 4-300 K temperature range using a suite of state-of-the-art equipment.

Finally, the most fun part: we share our results with the world!

Interested in joining? We currently have a postdoctoral opening!
For more information, contact Prof. Bardin at


100 Natural Resources Road,
Amherst MA, 01003-9292


Phone: 413.545.2463